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Public exchange

All MUSDcoin users and adopters can enjoy our multi-currency exchange and web wallets where they can store and exchange their MUSDcoins with other popular cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin and Litecoin. Being that our exchange is public, all of our users can trade and share lots within our vast community with their desired price. Users can also select their own suggested price on MUSDcoin that will start from $1/ MUSDcoin until the re-evaluation of the value takes place in the upcoming months (check roadmap). Soon we will ensure the availability to exchange our coin in fiat currencies such as USD and EUR and other cryptocurrencies such as: Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Iota. Our development is constantly working hard to provide the community with the most secure, reliable and transparent transactions.


MUSDcoin provides you with the opportunity to trade and transfer funds through all of your favourite regulated trading platforms and online casinos.


MUSDcoins Blockchain allows users to save money on their transactions fees by leaving third parties such as banks and payment service providers (PSP) outside MUSDcoins ecosystem.


Time is money. By ensuring quick and reliable transfers through our technology MUSDcoin makes it easier than ever to send and receive funds within a day, in all trading platforms by one click.

User Protection

All MUSDcoin community members have the power to be heard. All MUSDcoin partners are carefully selected under strict requirements which allows for only trusted companies to integrate MUSDcoin.


MUSDcoin offers you the lowest exchange rate on MUSD Exchange.


When it comes to value transfer, security and transparency is key. Therefore, a public blockchain is being launched specifically for MUSDcoin. Start mining now!


Your trust in our project is a privilege for us therefore all MUSDcoin users are provided with a minimum bonus of 10% for each deposit on partner platforms.


MUSDcoin can be reached from every corner of the world adding to the reachability of the project. Everyone has the freedom to store and invest their wealth and boost their finances.

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There are various platforms, where you can deposit and withdraw in MUSDcoin.

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Official Partners

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  • 2016

    The MUSD Coin community has always been in the front row of innovation and security regarding the common issues faced by our users such as online gamblers and online traders, aiming to provide solutions for the problems that adopters of the coin might encounter such as:

    1. Traders were exposed to scammers and loss of funds as a cause of phoney financial practices
    2. Depositing and withdrawing funds is inefficient and quite slow causing delays and loss of capital by not being able to participate in promising trades.
    3. High fees and commissions when transferring funds from other currencies.
    4. Lack of transparency and safety by trading platforms and online casinos.
  • Q4 2016

    Ideation of MUSD Coin, the first cryptocurrency created for use in online gambling and forex trading running on a public distributed ledger (blockchain) that ensures to bring solutions for these issues.

    1. Protection from scam financial practices and loss of funds, providing a better opportunity in being refunded through our community treasury.
    2. Fast and efficient means of transferring funds either by depositing or withdrawing in order to ensure quick reaction towards market movements and investment opportunities.
    3. Providing the lowest possible fees when transferring funds in different platforms.
    4. Near zero commission on exchange rates.
    5. Adequate protection and support from fraudulent trading platforms and online casinos.
  • Q1 2017

    Presentation of the MUSD Coin project to communities of traders and online gamblers.

  • Q2 2017
    1. Building a community of users such as traders and gamblers around the coin in order to earn coverage, elevate the usage of the coin and gains the users trust.
    2. Building lucrative investment opportunities around the coin by giving extra bonuses when depositing and withdrawing with MUSD and presenting our mission and project to both businesses and platforms as well as individual users.
  • Q3 2017
    1. Development of the distributed ledger system (blockchain) and the website of MUSD Coin.
    2. Creating and publishing the coins own Wiki page to provide our users with every bit of information around the coin.
  • Q4 2017
    1. Developing the public exchange system of MUSDcoin in order to provide in-house exchange capabilities for our coin.
    2. Integration in 4 different online trading platforms providing users with at least 10% of bonus on every transaction completed through MUSDcoin.
    3. Developing wallets for different platforms and operating systems such as Windows and Linux.
    4. Creating social media profiles for the project in order to inform and update users on everything happening with the coin and in order to gain coverage for the project.
  • January - February 2018
    1. Publishing our thread on Bitcoin talk and other cryptocurrency forums.
    2. Suggesting an initial price when issuing the coin around $1/ MUSDcoin.
    3. Issuing and distributing 10M MUSDcoins to the general community and first adopters of the coin for free.
    4. Fixing and tweaking the bugs on the website and exchange system in order to have a fully working system for all early users.
    5. Improving safety and distribution rights of the coin for all adopters.
  • March - April 2018
    1. Publishing the company's Bounty Programme.
    2. Publishing Referral systems for users to take advantage of.
    3. Adding the coins to a minimum of 3 more exchanges to ensure higher coverage and availability.
    4. MUSDcoin to be integrated to at least 10 more platforms.
    5. Re-evaluating the value of MUSDcoin based on suggestions of different exchanges and adoption of the coin.
    6. Optimizing usage of MUSD wallets on MAC devices.
  • May - June 2018
    1. Creating a detailed agenda in order to participate and present MUSDcoin in all upcoming exhibitions for cryptocurrencies in both the online trading and online gambling markets.
    2. Executing and finishing the development of wallets for mobile devices such as Android and iOS.
  • Q3 2018
    1. Added integration with at least 5 more providers of online casino services.
    2. Development of the coins mining pools with close to zero fees for users.
  • Q4 2018
    1. Adding and integrating features for buying and selling MUSDcoin through different fiat currencies in various public exchanges.
    2. Achieving a total number of at least 30 different trading platforms and online casinos using MUSDcoin as a payment method.
  • 2019
    1. Creation of a legal team around the company to ensure protection of MUSD users and communities from scammers and loss of funds.
    2. Creating the right conditions for the price of the MUSDcoin to triple from its initial price.
    3. Reaching a total number of at least 70 trading platforms and online casinos adopting and using MUSDcoin as a payment method.
  • 2020
    1. Creating a team of highly qualified analysts helping and advising the vast community of MUSDcoin users towards better and more successful trading on when working on the coin.
    2. MUSDcoin to be used in more than 10 different sports betting platforms as a payment method.
    3. Ensuring transparency and adequate management of situations involving scammers in order to report their activity and secure MUSDcoin users.
    4. Reaching an agreement with stock markets in order to implement and launch MUSDcoin.
    5. Achieving a total number of at least 150 different trading platforms and online casinos allowing MUSDcoin to be used as a payment method.
    6. As a result of limited supply of MUSDcoin, the company aims the coin to reach a price of more than $10/MUSDcoin.